1. We know how to address all scenarios as we deal with property management issues all the time.  We will be faster and in many cases better than you will ever be with a DIY approach.
  2. We have the skills, experience and knowledge to take care of issues and disputes , promptly, efficiently and in your best interests
  3. If you live overseas or plan to be away from New Zealand for more than 3 weeks, by law you must appoint a property manager.
  4. Value your free time more, enjoy doing sports, spend time with family not deal with a plumbing issue at short notice or organise viewings on Saturdays.
  5. We provide a shield to tenant-owner relationship. In a difficult situation, you don't have to be the "bad guy", we will advise you in your best interests, negotiate the best possible outcome and in compliance with the NZ law and regulations.
  6. You are getting a value add service, we will often get you better rents, more frequent increases, faster reletting in between tenancies. We know how much to spend and what to spend it on for optimised rental returns. Overall we could well be saving you money!
  7. Tradespeople  give Property managers preferential service and rates. We will get the plumber or the electrician to your house faster than you can.
  8. We simplify your admin and make doing your tax return easier. We pay bills and all records are accounted for and tidy in one place. 

24/7 On call property management services

Our phone is always on to answer any emergency. You would be surprised how often a leak through the ceiling, a blocked toilet, a total loss of power occurs after 10 pm or on a public holiday...We are here...so you don't have to be. Get no stress property management services today!

Pets or no pets?

It is a case by case basis. In many multi storey buildings they are not allowed. But with more and more New Zealanders having pets, it is worth asking the question. Responsible tenants will have well behaved pets and have previous references. Because many houses do not accept pets, you could get a very loyal tenant and achieve a premium rent. Special attention during regular inspections ensures there are no issues.

Don't loose your temper, waste your time or your money.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​8 Good reasons to get no stress professional management!

What to do when disaster strikes?

With rentals, you never quite know when a major issue will occur. It could all be pretty easy for a while....then a pipe bursts and it floods your bathroom and ground level or a tenant looses his job and stops paying rent. When this happens, you need to have the confidence you have the right person on the job, reactive, experienced, available to take care of business efficiently and in your best interests.

Unlock your property potential


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