Project manage a cosmetic renovation project or furnish a property

We provide a "turn key" custom designed furniture pack, purchased, delivered and installed. When we furnish a place for rental, we pay special attention to the layout to get the right furniture that will compliment a space. We look at usage, thinking about confort, wide appeal, durability and resistance to wear. A cream rug or velvet couch are just not good ideas in a rental environment!

You purchased a tired property and want to give it a mini makeover before renting it out: We can project manage this for you and organise tradesmen in a timely and cost effective fashion.  



​​​​Commercial spaces management

Letting, lease renewals  and management of commercial spaces. Shops, offices, hospitality.

How well do you manage outgoings payment and tracking? 

When is the last time you reviewed the lease and ensured you stay in line with market?

Has your place just become vacant?

We can assist you at different stages of the management of your commercial lease.

​​​Maintain your accounting records

Good professional property management practices require that accounting records be kept up to date, tightly controlled, and virtually mistake-free.

Catalise Property Management maintains a high level of financial integrity in everything we do. We provide a monthly rental activity summary showing all income and expenses per property with any bills or invoices attached for complete transparency.  We keep our clients money / income in a client bank account, separate from our business account and use a dedicated property management software. We also provide an end of year statement to your accountant making your tax return easier.

Letting and full service property management 

We handle marketing, advertising, tenant vetting, rent checks. ​Full service property management, inspections and maintenance.

We check on your property regularly, ensuring it is well looked after and you stay on top of maintenance. Property maintenance is what keeps your property investment alive and will often separate your property from another. Properties with poor ground maintenance or ongoing maintenance problems, shuns potential renters or pushes current renters out. We consider property maintenance as a key aspect of marketing a property, keeping properties rented, and maximizing properties owners’ investment.

We also look after short term rental properties (air BnB). Talk to us to see which option is right for you.                                                                                                              

        Your rental investment, your own home or a short term rental property owner?

We have you covered with premier property management service.

Unlock your property potential


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Property owners: A place with a difference?

Short term accommodation rental (eg air BnB) may be right for you. Some special places enjoy outstanding returns. If you travel extensively for significant periods of time and/or own a property in a special location, such as near the CBD, a beach or with a great view, check your options.

We can advise you on the set up that travellers find most attractive, arrange professional cleaning and laundry in between stays, provide a meet and greet service and check in between each stay.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs, an appraisal and no obligation chat. 

Property investors: Your rental investment

Property investment is a business and a vector of wealth generation into retirement. We hear you, we are investors too and members of Auckland Property Investors Association. Cash flow management and regular maintenance rather than spikes of expenses are smart, we keep an eye on your rental properties and will advise you when something needs doing. We work out cost effective solutions so you can optimise your return on investment and get the best rent you can. We review rents regularly ensuring we keep up with the market trends while looking out for great tenants who take pride in caring for your investment part of our residential and commercial property management service. Indulge in your hobbies, spend time with friends and family knowing your property is in safe hands. Contact us for an appraisal and no obligation chat.

Property owners: Your family home

You are heading out of Auckland / overseas for a posting and would like to rent out your own house. A house you love, have renovated or plan to get back to deserves premier property management . We understand the fears you may have from hearing rental properties horror stories! First, we take time to listen to all what is important to you to get the best rental strategy going. There are some great executive tenants seeking a premier rental and we know how to avoid potential tenant damage, deal with garden maintenance, Meth, pets, insurance...We have a comprehensive tenants vetting process, inspection schedule and will take care of your property as our own.

Contact us for an appraisal and no obligation chat on premier property management.